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In this fast paced world, there are so many things that can happen in 60 seconds. Hundreds of devices are sold and computers infected by malware. Millions of instant messages are sent and tons of electronic waste are collected.

It's amazing how busy our world is, especially with today's huge tech industry.

Take a look at this infographic from Go-Globe for more information on what happens around the world in technology every 60 seconds.


In 60 Seconds

An Introduction to TV Wall Mounts and Brackets

There are simply a lot of creative spaces and methods to consider in displaying your television for the aesthetic appeal of your home. In fact, there are TV wall mounts and brackets that you can turn to for your goal of making your home space look good and attractive.

Here are the many choices for wall mounts and brackets:

Flat TV wall mounts

These are also referred to as the flush or fixed mounts. They are known for their ultra sleek and stylish characteristic. The television only needs to be mounted against the wall which further requires an easy installation and assembly. There is no need to tilt it on or rotate it.

Flat TV mounts are truly after achieving a stylish and low profile design by means of fixing the television against the wall. The best thing about them is that they are suited for locations wherein adjustments are no longer needed. These are convenient to install and are even proven perfect for most small rooms.

Tilting Wall Mounts

 Tilting wall mounts basically feature an ultra slim look that helps viewers avoid glare. This is also aimed at improving the viewing angle. These mounts also provide the ability of tilting the television after mounting it on the wall. These are an excellent option in adjusting from a glare that comes in your room.

Full-Motion TV Mounts

Featuring a retractable mount or arm, Full-motion TV mounts are much easier to assemble and install. They further provide twelve inches to twenty inches of tilt. The best thing about these mounts is that they provide a higher level of flexibility. Thus, you are allowed of retracting and swiveling for ultimate adjustment. These mounts allow you of seeing the screen vividly from different points.

Ceiling Mounts

Ceiling mounts further provide a modernized and cleaner look that also gives an extra space for furniture. This is a perfect choice of mounting a television to wall. This can be rotated and tilted in achieving different viewing angles. This helps achieve a maximized space without making sacrifices.

Under-Cabinet Mounts

Under-cabinet mounts are a perfect choice for small-sized televisions at limited areas. These further allow a perfect tilt and rotation that can be tucked away under the cabinets. The freedom is mainly offered in watching TV in a small area.

For more information takea look at this excellent infographic from Arrowmounts.


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